Photographer Release Clarification

John Tetley has responded with the below clarification on the Photographer’s Image Release agreement after concerns were raised.

” Firstly, there is no commercial restriction on a photographers ability to sell photographs that they take at Lakeside in the release.

Secondly, we are not seeking to impose a fee for allowing photographers to make money from selling product(s) that are in some part supplied by Track Action and Lakeside and its events to which you are given access.

Thirdly, Points 7 & 8 make it clear that TA, LP & RACERS only has sovereignty over the images if it uses them in the restricted set of publications/media mentioned in these paragraphs. There is NO insinuation or restriction that this is an exclusive right that impedes the ability of the photographer to continue to sell images that we have used to support or promote our activities. What these paragraphs do is protect our right to use the images and in the form that we wish to use them. You will also have noticed that we undertook to upload images in a lower resolution format which makes them suitable for viewing on a screen but unsuitable for hi-Res print outs. That is; the photographers ability to have an exclusive hi-definition product has not been affected.

With regard to the SD card the point was not made but should have been understood that we would supply the SD Card(s) for the photographer to copy the files to.  We have already agreed with some photographers who have shown genuine concern for our needs to an alternative method of supplying access to images as a temporary solution.

NOW the whys:

We have been asking photographers to populate a gallery on the Lakeside website for some time.  This has not happened despite us making the point on more than one occasion.
So, if photographers are unwilling to assist and contribute to this gallery; then we will build the gallery ourselves. If we have to employ a photographer to do this, we will and then we will own and sell the photographs ourselves.

This means there will be no reason or need for other photographers to be permitted on site. This is, and always has been, an option for the last 22 years but we have followed a sharing policy up until now, this option is now much more attractive and receiving serious consideration.

There seems to be a lack of understanding of the privileges that photographers have enjoyed, we are not asking them to give away their services, product or rights for free, however they take advantage of the work we do, the events we deliver and the products we supply for free.
Given that, what right do they have to complain on social media about our rights?”