Lakeside Street Sprints

Lakeside Street Sprints – 1.00pm – 4.30pm

The Street Sprints are open to road registered vehicles  which must be fitted with street legal tyres and exhaust. Unregistered and Race cars are permitted to run on the day, however will not be eligible for points for the Series. 

Race yourself against the clock in the Sprint Series at Lakeside Park!
4 sets of 4 laps, bonus laps if time permits.

Briefing at 12:30pm, on track from 1:00pm.

What you need: 
– Clubman RACERS licence ($30 for the day, $75 for the year)
– Long Pants, Long Sleeves & Enclosed Shoes
– Helmet
– Timer: Buy for $175, or hire for $20 with a $100 deposit

FREE for Spectators

If you have pre-entered the sprints in the afternoon, you can get a discounted price on test and tune.
Test and Tune + Sprints for $250! Bargain! ONLINE ONLY OFFER.

*To Enter the Super Sprint, choose your Sprint Group first then add Super Sprint as an Extra*