G.E.A.R – Golden Era Auto Racing

Gear Club Inc. Drive Days are organised specifically to provide members with the opportunity for the sheer enjoyment and pleasure of using their old racing and sports cars in a safe, affordable, regulated and social motor sport environment.

Interested individuals are invited to come to watch and enjoy proceedings on one of our scheduled drive days.

If you are interested in joining the club as a driver, you must have a vehicle suitable.
Membership application forms, available on the GEAR website – CLICK HERE must be accompanied by two photographs of the car/cars listed in the application. This process may take up to a few weeks to be reviewed by the committee. You CANNOT just turn up at a GEAR day, sign up as a member and drive on that day!

Eligible Vehicle Categories:

A. Production sedans and sports cars that are able to satisfy Qld Transport SpecialVehicle Concession Scheme for Classic Vehicle eligibility Guidelines. The applicableguidelines are for historic vehicles that are at least 30 years old. Run-on models maybe considered depending upon their conformance to the included models. Excludesvehicles fitted with later model, forced-induction engine of a larger capacity thanoriginal, unless it is certified with a QT Modification Plate. Excludes motorcyclepowered vehicles unless original powerplant. Final decision on suitability of vehiclerests with the GEAR Committee.

B. Clubman cars manufactured up to, and including, 2000, but excluding all Clubmancars with forced-induction or other departures from the Clubman concept.

C. Open wheelers and sports racing cars manufactured up to, and including, 2002, butexcluding all cars with carbon-fibre suspensions or motorcycle engine powered.

D. Replicas and reproduction vehicles faithful in size, shape and major mechanicalspecifications of cars of the same era as category A, B, C above.

E. Special interest vehicles with provenance or significant race history up to 1990,which may fit outside the categories of A to D above.

Once you are a member of the GEAR club, you need a RACERS licence to drive at Lakeside Park Raceway. The licence can be applied for directly on the day when you sign-on. Please note there is no cash payment that can be taken for the licence on the day.

All new members of GEAR, as well as older members who have never driven at the circuit where a GEAR meeting is being held, are to attend a Drivers Briefing before being allowed onto the track.

Drivers are responsible to ensure their cars are safe according to the GEAR checklist, and their driving must follow the club code of conduct that is explained carefully on sign-on sheets. All drivers must sign the sign on sheets and in doing so confirm vehicle complies with the safety checklist. All participating drivers must attend the compulsory drivers briefing sessions prior to the start of each driving day and have their armband stamped to confirm attendance.

As a GEAR member, you will pay the Track Fee to Lakeside for the day’s drive in one of four categories or groups. 

What you need: 
– Clubman RACERS licence ($50 for the day, $95 for the year)
– Full-Length Clothing & Enclosed Shoes
– AS/NZS 1698 Standard Helmet or Equivalent

Head to for more information. 

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