Lakeside Off Street Drags

Off Street Drags is a social and inclusive event located at Lakeside Park, Kurwongbah – North Brisbane. The concept is based on taking street racing off the streets into a fun, friendly and safe environment. Race head to head, old school eliminator style, while making your way down the main straight in your road registered car.

The drag strip is 1/8th mile in length and is run in a clockwise direction heading towards the kink. 


Drag Entrant $120.00
Passenger (Roll Drags) $5.00
Spectator $10.00 per person
Kids under 12 Free

Licence & Clothing Requirements

For this event a Racers Clubman licence is required for all drivers. This can be purchased online before submitting an online entry.

  • Annual Clubman Licence $95
  • Single Event Clubman Licence $50

It is recommended that all participants wear full skin coverage made of a non-flammable material, AUS/NZ safety standards helmet and enclosed shoes are required by all passengers and drivers during the drags.

Rules and Regulations

  • All cars must be road registered (For example no NOS, slicks, ect)
  • Tyres must not have a “Not for Highway Use” or equivalent stamp
  • You must have a current driver’s licence and be over 18 years old to drive
  • A 10km per hour pit lane speed limit must be observed
  • A maximum of 60km per hour speed limit must also be observed on return to the start line
  • No crossing of centre line
  • Zero blood alcohol
  • No drugs
  • The Racers Code of Conduct applies to all entrants
  • Passengers are allowed to be in vehicles during social drags (one passenger per car)

Please see our Cancellation and Refund Policy before entering.

True Street N/A + AWD  
Naturally aspirated vehicles with street tyres only

True Street Forced
Vehicles with Forced Induction and street tyres only

Modified Street N/A
Naturally aspirated vehicles with performance tyres

Modified Street Forced

Forced Induction vehicles with performance tyres

A Grudge match will be held at the end of the day depending on entry numbers and time remaining


Upcoming Events
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