Moto Ride Day

What are Ride Days about and are they for you

Track Action Moto Ride Days – 9.00am-4.30pm

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New and improved format there will only be 25 riders in each of the five groups so track density will be decreased therefore making the day more fun and enjoyable  for everyone   

What is a Recreational Motorcycle Ride Day?

Ride days are exciting fun on track experiences for all riders from first timers through to seasoned track day junkies who prefer riding on a closed race track environment rather than public roads. Our Ride Days are not a race or race practice day, they are aimed squarely at the leisure ride day motorcyclists wanting to have a fun day at the track with their mates and likeminded enthusiasts who wants to test the speed and limits of their motorcycles in a controlled environment without the hazards one gets when riding on public roads.

All riders are required to hold a current RACERS Clubman Licence either 1 day for $50 or if doing multiple days save by purchasing an annual licence for only $95.

Lakeside Park Noise Restrictions

There are noise restrictions at Lakeside Park, no engines are to be started before 8am.  On Track all machines must be under 95db at 30 meters from track edge.  If a motorcycle is over the noise meter out on track then a DB Killer may be required to be fitted for the bike to be able to re-enter the track.  

The Four Groups You Can Enter:

Induction Group 1 – Mandatory Entry Level Group for riders new to Ride days.

The induction group is an entry level group for riders new to ride days at RACERS sanctioned ride days.

Rider training is provided throughout the day to increase riders confidence and skills to an acceptable level so they can safely integrate into other ride day groups. The induction group is mandatory for new riders, unless you can prove an acceptable level of competence. All track riders who would like to take advantage of this service are encouraged to enter the Induction Group.

Formula Group 2 / Next step up from the Induction Group and for those who prefer to ride at a more casual pace. (no undertaking into corners)

GT Group 3 / Next step up from the Formula and for those who prefer to ride at pace above Formula Group, (Undertaking safely into corners allowed). This is our most popular group and will be split into 2 groups on the day.

Corsa/ FX Group 4 / For advanced riders who have experience and ride at pace beyond the GT & Formula Groups. This is for the most experienced rider group (Undertaking safely into corners allowed).

**Please note Tack Action Moto Ride Days reserves the right to combine on the day similar paced groups and or recommend that a rider move to another group when we believe it is in the riders and the other riders of the group they are entered in best interests.

The Cafeteria will be open from 7.30am with a variety of items available for breakfast and lunch.

Family and friends are welcome to come out at no charge to enjoy your ride day with you.

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