How the day is run.

Gates will open at 6.30 am with Sign on from 7am.
There are three things that you must do which are compulsory:

Complete the Sign on process:

To make sign on faster, easier and more convenient we encourage all Riders to sign on electronically before they get to the track.
You will be able the Sign on from 4am on the day via the RACERS app.
Get the RACERS app now!

Click on the main menu (three bars on the top), click on Event Sign On and follow the prompts. Please take your photo, sign the indemnity and save and you have signed on.

If you don’t have the app, Head to then do the following:

  1. Choose the correct event
  2. Put in your date of birth OR Racers licence No.
  3. Choose yourself as the entrant.
  4. Tick the acknowledgement box.
  5. Take a photo of yourself
  6. Sign the box
  7. Click Proceed

You will also be able to electronically sign on through the tablets on the sign on container which is a quick and convenient process.

When everything is right you will be issued with a double wristband which proves to our marshals that you have done the necessary paperwork to participate in the day and what group you are in.

Make sure you bring along your visual ID, Drivers Licence, RACERS Licence etc to show to the Admin Staff, if you are under 18 you must have at least one parent or guardian with you who must be with you all day.

Bike and Gear inspection:
One of our Tech people will do a safety check of your bike and your riding gear and once they are satisfied with your equipment you will be issued with a number on a coloured background which represents the group that you have requested when you made your entry.

Riders Briefing:
This briefing must be attended by everybody who will be participating in the day. It will be held at 8:30 AM, usually in front of the briefing room. During the briefing your wristband will be stamped to prove your attendance at the briefing to the pit Lane exit officials.

To make it clear: no current Track Action issued wristband and group coloured and numbered bike sticker and OR no stamp equals no track time!