Notta Grand Prix

What’s it about?  The purpose of the Notta Grand Prix is to have family fun on wheels in a safer environment than the road. It has been designed to a price-point where it is easily affordable. Notta Grand Prix is available to all members of the public from the age of 12. Road registered cars can be used and are welcome. Come on, you can get your wife & kids involved and help them develop the right attitude to recreational motoring in this family oriented event.
The Entry Fee is $990 per Vehicle for each event and a Team will consist of between strictly four and six drivers per Vehicle. Teams are required to field at least four drivers for each event.
Anybody who takes this Event too seriously should not consider entering the Event we offer many other competitive events.  Check out the trophies & you’ll see what we mean. Notta Grand Prix is like a long distance-regularity and not an out-and-out race. With this parameter, Drivers will only need a RACERS Clubman Licence to play in these events.  Notta Grand Prix is expected to provide an activity for multiple generations in a family and a “Race With Your Mates” team building exercise for groups from a Participants place of work or clubs.  

The challenge for each team is to get as far as they can, as soon as they can; for as little as they can, all against a minimum lap time of 72 seconds. Big powerful cars will need more pit stops which, at 7 minutes each, will almost certainly mean the well driven economical cars will have a definite advantage.

Format of the Series:

There will be a series of 4 special Sunday only events which consist of 6 hours of track time at Lakeside Park. No other categories will be attending these events. The format and content of this Event is different from anything that has been done before so please read on. Entrants could think of it as a 24-hour race with a LOT of time for repairs.  

Vehicle Eligibility:  

Vehicles must be based on mass-produced, four-wheeled vehicles that were legal for Registration in Australia at the time of their manufacture. Vehicles must meet the minimum requirements displayed in the RACERS Operations Manual. Open top cars must have race-worthy roll over protection.

 Total Investment:

We would suggest that a maximum of $4000 should be spent on the vehicle. This is a cheap car challenged and any vehicle purchases and parts purchases should be made with that in mind. 
Safety Equipment  
All equipment and Apparel must meet the requirements displayed in the RACERS Operations Manual.

Driver Apparel:

Driver’s must have long sleeved clothing to be able to compete as well as enclosed shoes and a helmet – this is the minimum requirement for this event. 

Drivers Radio:

It is a requirement that every driver on the circuit has a working Race Radio. This is required for safety and traffic management so Race control can advise the driver of incidents and penalties.  Drivers Radios are available for purchase or hire from the office on the day.

Noise Limit:

 At Lakeside Park the noise limit for a Vehicle is 90dB at 5 metres. Lakeside has an active monitoring system, if you are recorded as breaching this system; then you will be called in and required to modify your vehicle to meet this requirement before re-joining the event. 


Only one set of tyres per Event is permitted without a penalty. Tyres must be roadworthy i.e. have at least 1.5mm tread depth all across the face of the tyre and be free from any significant cuts in the sidewalls.  Tyres must be Street legal. Type R street legal track type tyres are now permitted, but not recommended. 

How the Event is run:

07:30 Gates open and pit setup can begin.

08:45 Compulsory Driver’s briefing.

09:15 Pit exit is open.

09:30 The timing system will begin counting laps.  

12:30 Timing will cease and pit exit will be closed.  

13:15 Pit exit will re-open. 

13:30 The timing system will resume counting laps  

16:30 Timing will cease and pit exit will be closed.  

16:35 All cars must be back in the carports.  

17:00 Trophy presentation along with refreshments and finger food.