Rider Information (On the Day)

Important Info Please Read

Thank you for booking your Track Action ride day at Lakeside.

Gates Open:
Open at 6.30am.

At the Track:
The carports at Lakeside are unpowered, if you require power, please bring along a generator.
Once set up please park all vehicles and trailers out of the pit area there is ample parking behind the carports, there are to be no vehicles or trailers etc in the carports.

New Areas are being employed by Lakeside to help with the flow of the day.

A New Induction Group staging area will be used. This is Located immediately to the Right-Hand side of The Sign on Container and will be marked accordingly for Induction Riders Only. Refer map Attached.

A New Undercover staging area will be used for all riders entering track. This is located to the immediate left of the pit control area and will be marked accordingly. Refer map attached.

To make sign on faster, easier and more convenient we ask all Riders to sign on electronically before they get to the track.
You will be able the Sign on from 4am on the morning of the ride day via the RACERS app.
Get the RACERS app now! https://app.racers.world/

Click on the main menu (three bars on the top), click on Event Sign On and follow the prompts. Please take your photo, sign the indemnity and save and you have signed on.

If you don’t have the app go to https://racers.world/event-sign-on then do the following:

  1. Choose the correct event
  2. Put in your date of birth OR Racers licence No.
  3. Choose yourself as the entrant.
  4. Tick the acknowledgement box.
  5. Take a photo of yourself
  6. Sign the box
  7. Click Proceed

It is essential that all rider’s present themselves to our Administration staff at the sign-on container, this area will be open from 7am.There will be tablets on the sign on bench for those riders who were not able to sign-on prior to arriving at the circuit.

When all sign-on requirements have been met, you will be issued with a double wristband which represents the group that you have requested when you made your entry and which proves to our marshals that you have done the necessary paperwork to participate in the day.
You will also be given a coloured number board for your Motorcycle. This must be clearly displayed in the front of your machine.

Make sure you bring along your visual ID, Drivers Licence etc to show to the Admin Staff, if you are under 18 you must have at least one parent or guardian with you who must be with you all day.

Rider Scrutineering:
Each rider is asked to complete and sign the Rider Scrutineering Form. One of our Track Guardians will come around and collect the completed form, they will then mark your number decal accordingly. 
Please click here to download the Rider Scrutineering Form. 

Rider’s Briefing:
A compulsory Riders Brief will be held at 08:30 am and all riders are Required to attend.

PA announcements will be made regarding the location of Riders Brief.

On Track:
We plan to be on track at 9.00am

Noise Restrictions:
There are noise restrictions at Lakeside Park, no engines are to be started before 8am. 

On Track all machines must be under 95db at 8 meters from track edge.  If a motorcycle is over the noise meter out on track, then a DB Killer will be required to be fitted to the bike for it to be able to re-enter the track.  

MRT Images –will provide a unique motorsport photography service on the day. You can purchase a photo pack for $55.00 from the Sign-on Container.

The canteen will be open from 07:00am with a variety of items available for breakfast and lunch.

Hire Gear, Tyres and other accessories:
At present we will not be providing tyres, a tyre service or hire gear.

Family and friends are welcome to come out at no charge to enjoy your ride day with you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team on events@lakesidepark.com.au

Thank you & see you at the track.

The Lakeside Track Action Team.