What is our Cancellation and Refund Policy?


What happens if an Event is postponed or cancelled by Track Action at  Lakeside Park?

When Track Action has to postpone or cancel an event or an activity at Lakeside for reasons outside of its control, e.g. adverse weather conditions; we will endeavour to publish the notification via email, SMS and on the Lakeside Park website to notify participants of the cancellation no less than 36 hours before the scheduled commencement of the event. If adverse weather is being forecast we recommend you check your phone, email or the front page of our website on the day prior.

CANCELLATION: Where an activity is cancelled in its entirety you can have either a credit or a refund of the entry fee that has been paid. An email should be sent to admin@lakesidepark.com.au advising what you would prefer.

POSTPONEMENT: Where an activity has been postponed a credit will automatically be transferred to the new date as soon as we have found space in the calendar. You will be notified of the new date within 48 hours of confirmation of the date by your club or category manager. If you cannot use the new date, request a full refund within one week of Track Action publishing the new date.

REFUNDS: In order to claim any refund, please email admin@lakesidepark.com.au stating clearly the activity to which the claim relates. To ensure another customer can take the space you are vacating any applications for refunds must be received no less than 28 days prior to the replacement date.


If you are unable to participate in an activity which you have paid the entry fee; email admin@lakesidepark.com.au as soon as possible. If we have more than 28 days clear notice you will receive a full refund; with 14 – 28 days’ notice you will receive a 50% refund or credit to your RACERS account. Notifications received after the 14 days will not be refunded. However, if you can “sell” your entry to another qualified person, we will transfer your entry to the new person, for a $20 admin fee. Track Action has no part in any dealings between you and the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the immediate notification to Track Action of their details.

No credit or refund will be given if the customer chose not participate due to weather conditions on the day if the event has not been cancelled. Always check the specific event pages as events that are NOT being delivered by Track Action will usually have different refund policies.

NOTE: Track Action cannot process a Credit or refund at the event.

** Please check the specific activity pages – some events have specialised cancellation policies.