Grass Roots Racing

Lakeside Park

The Grass Roots Race Series (GRRS) is here at Lakeside for 2024!

This Round sees a mix of categories to compete. Each category is expected to have 

1x 20 min Practice
1 x 20 min Practice
1 x 20 min Qualifying
5 X Races

The Categories for the year are, please check each round to see which categories are running.
Hot Hatch Cup & Production Utes
Replica Tourers A & B
Group N
Super Mini Challenge
Formula Vee


Lakeside Outlaws – race what you brung

This will be a “Run What You Brung” type category. It will be open to any vehicle the isn’t an open wheeler (eg formula ford)

If it can pass through scrutineering, driver has a social outlook on their racing, you’re in.

A problem we did not foresee!

After talking to Brian Smallwood of Replica Tourers we identified the problem that not all categories can do the 4 Rounds in the Lakeside GRRS this year; but some of their drivers can and do want to.

They also want to get the advantage of the series entry fee which allows them to save $400 on their entry fees for the year – Fair Enough.


Lakeside will bring back the Outlaws RWYB category for those drivers that want to come to Lakeside for all rounds of the GRRS. We will sort out what the groups are in the category on the day – depending on the entries that go into it. We will also accept overflow from other categories into it but put their times into the correct category.


Given we don’t know who can make which, what & when, we will charge you full freight for the first 3 entries i.e. $550; but your 4th entry will only cost you $150 so you will not have to pay more because your category didn’t do all four rounds.

Fair Enough?  JT

General Information:
Spectator Entry $20 per day, kids 12 and under free.

Our dates are:
April 27-28
June 29-30
September 7-8
November 2-3

Licence Requirements:
Drivers must hold:
A RACERS National Licence or
An Annual Clubman Licence and Motorsport Australia Competition Circuit Licence or

An Annual Clubman Licence and Australian Auto-Sport Alliance National Race Licence
All licences must be current and are to be presented at sign-on.

You must hold a full national/competition licence. No provisional licences will be accepted

Vehicle Requirements:
Please refer to the RACERS Event Operations Manual – Vehicle and Equipment Compliance check list and notes click here for direct link 

Roll Protection, Harness, Oil Catch tank, Driver’s compartment fire proofing, Tail-shaft straps, 2 separate bonnet restraining systems, Rear vision mirrors, Rain lights (open wheelers only), 2 x throttle closing springs, Marker stickers, Mounted tow points.

Clothing Requirements:
One piece overalls (SFI 3.2A/SFI 40.1 compliant), enclosed boots, socks, balaclava, gloves and a full faced helmet (SFI 41.1 compliant), HANS or FHR device compliant with SFI 38.1,

Other Requirements:
Races will be conducted with the help of the raceciever driver radio system. These connect race control to all drivers for added safety and efficiency. If you do not have one of these radios, they are available for hire & purchase at the circuit on all days of the event. It is compulsory to have this radio with you at the drivers briefing to give you a run down on how they work and what you will hear during use.

The RACERS Code of Conduct is a document that ALL competitors should make themselves familiar with the document can be found here –RACERS CODE OF CONDUCT

Please see our Cancellation and Refund Policy before entering.


Upcoming Events
Sat29th Jun 2024
Sat7th Sep 2024
Sat2nd Nov 2024